Self loading Trailer

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Self loading Trailer transportation trailer on the tandem suspension enables more efficient way of loading and transport of straw fodder and green fodder. The trailer is equipped with the hydraulically controlled front mechanism that collects bales and load them onto the trailer.


Permissible total weigh 10500 Kg
Load capacity 7000 Kg
Empty weight 3500 Kg
Loading space 17,5 m2
Loading platform length 6910 mm
Loading platform width 2550 mm
Dimensions: length/width/height: 8940/2720/1980 (mm)
Loading platform height 1060 mm
Platform thickness 4 mm
Platform height, measured from the ground 930 mm
Wheel track 2000 mm
Suspension parabolic springs
Hitch-ring load 1350 Kg
Tyres 400/60-15,5
Maximum speed 30 Km/sec
Tractor power requirement 100/73 Km/Kw